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ZHENHUAN Power Acquired UL1310 Certificate

Published in: 2017-12-23

With the rapid development of LED application market, well-known global LED manufacturers have gradually used CLASS 2 power supply in LED lighting products. ZHENHUAN electronic AC / DC power adapter—ZF120A Class 2 Series formally acquired UL 1310 certification (CLASS 2 POWER UNITS) on April 5, 2017. With UL1310 safety certification, ZHENHUAN Electronics can provide the best and environmentally friendly products to work with customers to promote the development of green energy-saving lighting industries.

Besides, UL/CUL(North America), TUV(EU), CCC(China), RCM(Australia), KC(Korea) and PSE(Japan), now ZHENHUAN Power has possessed seven kinds of safety regulation certifications, which covers most countries and areas worldwide. ZHENHUAN Power has the complete global safety certifications. Customers can take this advantage to save large amounts of money on certification charge and reduce the complicated certificate programs for your end system. Should there be any questions, please refer to the updated certification on website or contact ZHENHUAN sales representatives.

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