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Difference between isolated and non-isolated LED Light

Published in: 2017-09-29

Why led light with isolated power is more expensive than the led light with non-isolated power?

1) More devices on the power supply circuit board, more cost.

2) Better stability, better quality.

3) Not easily affected by the influence of AC electricity.

█ Isolated Drivers

Isolation type is defined that the input and output of the led power isolated by the electrical isolation transformer.

- Explanation:

( for example in china, AC voltage is around 220V)

Isolated power supply transform the 220V AC voltage to the lower voltage at first based on the isolation transformer, and then rectified to DC output for LED light. The primary coil of the transformer under 220V AC voltage, but the secondary coil only under the output low voltage. The primary and secondary coils are not directly connected, so called isolated power supply.

█ Non-isolated Drivers

Non-isolated refers to the output terminal and the input terminal is directly electrical connected.

- Explanation:

( for example in china, AC voltage is around 220Votls)

The 220V AC directly connected to the electronic circuit, then buck output through the electronic component. The input and output of the led power supply are directly connected, so called non-isolated power supply.

Which one is better?

█ Isolated Drivers

- Advantages of isolated driver

Good stability

Anti interference sense ability

More safe and easy to control

- Dis-advantages of isolated driver

Lower efficiency (about 88-90%)

Lower adaptive ability about output voltage and current

█ Non-isolated Drivers

- Advantages of non-isolated driver

Higher efficiency (about 92%)

Lower heat dispassion

Lower temperature of the MOS devices and power inductors

- Dis-advantages of non-isolated driver

A risk of electric shock